Hercule Poirot: Ever the dapper little Belgian, Poirot has his methods and order to solve crime. Often assisted by Captain Hastings or Mrs Oliver, he gets the job done - almost always.

Miss Marple: Miss Marple is that familiar institution of St Mary Mead, whose charming exterior hides an astute mind. She can often be found drawing parallels between St Mary Mead and - well, anywhere else in the world.

Tommy and Tuppence: Mr and Mrs Beresford (or Tommy and Tuppence) are a pair of lovable youngsters, as they are in their first novel. Their lack of expertise and unfailing kindness endear them to readers.

Parker Pyne: Parker Pyne is the detective whose trademark question: 'Are you unhappy?' sends hundreds of people to his little London office, but his detection continues in travel and holiday as well.

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